How can I make my renders more photo realistic?


New to Vray but absolutely loving it.

I work for a furniture manufacturer and have taken up sketchup to help our clients

Here is a recent render from a project i’m working on.

I’d like to ask for some advice on the best way to take this to the next level! what settings should I be using?

Settings are below as I’m a noob and i’m only allowed to ember one piece of media!

Thank you in advance!

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I would recommend that you tweak the lighting. I understand that you want to show everything clearly but the effect is more like an operating theatre than a bedroom.


Refrained from a reply to this as I’m not a V Ray user. But I think I have some useful comments to make. Your question “how to make this better” is actually a little vague as we don’t know what you want the final image to look like. You might get more suggestions from V Ray users if you were to post an image of how you and your boss would desire your renders to look like. Generally speaking I agree that the lighting could use some tweaking but I feel the biggest issue with the image you posted is the overall “camera view” of your scene. The extreme distortion in the image makes my brain a little crazy. The majority of the time I set up the scenes I’m going to render with 2 point perspective enabled.

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In my opinion that is a very good rendering. I’ve seen a lot of people work hard and not get results this good. I don’t have any real suggestions, but I did want to compliment you on what looks like a good model, with good textures and realistic lighting mostly. It’s quite convincing.

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