How can I check altitude of geolocation infomation?

I can check ‘Latitude’ and ‘Longitude’ of imported Google Earth Terrain model by geolocation information dialog. It shows X-Y-Z axis origin (0, 0, 0), but how can I check the ‘Altitude’ of this point ?

Do I have to export KMZ file and check the kml file contents?

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The Lat. Long. coordinates of imported Google Earth terrain coincide with the SketchUp Origin (0, 0, 0)
AFAIK there is no real-world elevation data brought into the model.

In my sample KMZ export, I see the doc.kml referenced elevation “relative to ground” like this:


Of course, rudimentary elevation data is displayed in Google Earth.
And here’s another app that may be of interest: Google Maps Find Altitude

Thank you for quick reply and useful LINK.
I understand that model origin located relatively to Google Earth’s Ground identified by Lat. & Long.

When I check my sample KMZ export, there was ‘altitude’ value in the ‘LookAt’ paragraph, but it was not the model position.

Thank you again :wink:

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To get the elevation [altitude] of a fixed point in Google Earth first make a short path - say 1m long, drawn at some memorable Lat/Long on the area in question: using Add > Path… - set its Altitude == Clamped to Ground
Set the Measurement units == say meters…
Then use Edit > Show Elevation Profile
A graphical representation of the path appears along the bottom of the view.
The start of the path is given in the units - say meters…
That is the elevation [altitude] of that first Lat/Long point.
Since the whole mesh is setup relatively, you can then use that particular elevation to move the mesh upwards, or more sensibly setup a Z ‘datum’ from that when it is actually == 0…
[See this tool, which might help once you have the ‘datum’ resolved…
SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation ]


Many thanks TIG!!
I could check altitude with GoogleEarth Path and its profile (m unit).

And also I appreciate your extention, Coords-Tag from Datum !!
Its very usefull for modeling site that numerically surbeyed, too !!