Find the Z value (elevation) of an object already drawn



It seems so basic, yet when I search this topic I get sent to so many other tutorials.

I just want to be able to pick a point on an object and know its elevation. And, if I have brought in GoogleEarth as a geolocation, will that also retain elevational data?



Pop over to the Extension Warehouse and install Utility Tools, this gives you the very handy Query tool.

Coordinate Query/Readout

When attached to an endpoint the default text of the Text Tool displays the coordinates of the point.
You’ll find the Query Tool is far less cumbersome.

The Z of imported GE terrain is relative to the SketchUp Origin [0,0,0]
It doesn’t reflect real world elevation above sea level.

You might find this extension of interest.
Coords-Tag from Datum v3.4 by TIG

Coordinate Query/Readout

See: Examples of the “GeoReference” Attribute Dictionary

And: About the Attribute Inspector plugin

I do not know if either of the mentioned plugins add the “ModelTranslationZ” value from the “GeoReference” dictionary, to the their tool’s Z output.


thanks, all! I have put the query tool to good use, and will digest the
additional info soon.