Find the Z value (elevation) of an object already drawn

It seems so basic, yet when I search this topic I get sent to so many other tutorials.

I just want to be able to pick a point on an object and know its elevation. And, if I have brought in GoogleEarth as a geolocation, will that also retain elevational data?


Pop over to the Extension Warehouse and install Utility Tools, this gives you the very handy Query tool.

When attached to an endpoint the default text of the Text Tool displays the coordinates of the point.
You’ll find the Query Tool is far less cumbersome.

The Z of imported GE terrain is relative to the SketchUp Origin [0,0,0]
It doesn’t reflect real world elevation above sea level.

You might find this extension of interest.
Coords-Tag from Datum v3.4 by TIG

See: Examples of the “GeoReference” Attribute Dictionary

And: About the Attribute Inspector plugin

I do not know if either of the mentioned plugins add the “ModelTranslationZ” value from the “GeoReference” dictionary, to the their tool’s Z output.

thanks, all! I have put the query tool to good use, and will digest the
additional info soon.

Thank you for introducing the Utility Tools! Game changer.