How best to do architectural sections



If you’re deciding on moving on your own or keep being an employee, then think no further, move on your own.

It’s infinitely harder, more frustrating, your anxiety levels will rise and it’s always your fault when things fail, it’s, therefore, much more rewarding when you succeed. And you will succeed, it’s just a matter of how and when…


If you a confident of the quality of your work it is better in the long term

to say no and relax rather than work for a bad client

If the client does not respect a true "professional " service then he does not deserve your respect!


Thanks guys … :smiley:

In a nut-shell, I’ve been self employed and working as a freelance contractor across Civil / Structural / domestic renovation work for about 5 years in NZ, and before that 15 years of Civil / Structural contracting in the UK, so I’m well used to being my own boss and dealing with different clients, good, bad and indifferent, though as a contractor, the clients have been generally been presented to me by various agents.

The “crossroads” comes from me making a decision as to which software package to focus on and develop from, and by implication, which software packages and work areas to avoid.

Over the last quarter of a century, 95% of my workload has been AutoCAD based, but more recently Sketchup has been taking up more and more of my “spare” time for 3D modeling/printing projects, and also producing “visualisations” for clients and builders who can’t make sense of Old’s Cool 2D linework, and so it would be nice to develop from that, even if it might require an element of additional training to up-skill with Sketchup (I still haven’t even opened Layout).

However, one source of work that is readily available to me would require the use of VectorWorks, which would definitely require additional training. That said, I don’t see the decision to use Sketchup or Vectorworks being an exclusive either or decision.

All in all, interesting times ahead for me, and all I need to do to start putting the wheels in motion is for my current client to give me some respite from deadlines requiring 50 hour weeks, week after week … hey ho … :confused:

Again, thanks for the support and encouragement … :sunglasses:


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