Hololens 2 collaboration

I cannot find out how to use multiple hololens headsets to collaborate on a single SkechUp model using SketchUp Viewer.

Can anyone help me with how to do this?

I can see that it has been possible to collaborate using multiple Hololens headsets to review a model (eg these posts: Sketchup Viewer for Hololens - Limitation on number of collaborators from @jsantocildes and Avatars using Sketchup Viewer for Hololens - #2 by ChrisDizon) from @ChrisDizon . However this post Sketchup Viewer Collaboration (Hololens 2) from @TheMarv would suggest that with Hololens 2 this functionality is not yet available?

Hi @tom.hughes,

Unfortunately the collaboration feature is not yet supported in our HoloLens 2 app.
An old Beta still exists in our SketchUp Viewer for VR app but you might face some challenges.
Collaboration is very much on our radar but it might resurface in a different way that better integrates with the rest of the SketchUpverse :slight_smile:


Thanks AK for your response. For anyone following this up, the SketchUP Viewer for VR is not an option with Hololens.