Holes appearing randomly

Hi guys - I’ve got a (very small) model and for some reason when I create this group of solid shapes it’s fine but as soon as I work on other components in the same model, holes appear. Same happens when I fix them and press save. I am sure it’s something to do with the scale of this item, but how can I work around this?Holes Appear.skp (301.0 KB)

They aren’t appearing randomly. They are appearing when you have endpoints that are too close together.

It is very small indeed. If I were modeling this sort of thing I would first, use components instead of groups. Then I would either use The Dave Method or probably in this case I would probably just model it as if inches were meters.

What is the plan for the model once it is finished?

BTW, it seems kind of strange to me that you would model something this tiny using Architectural units and Display Precision of 1/16 in. I would just decimal units with higher precision and definitely turn off Length Snapping.
Screenshot - 1_9_2021 , 7_02_44 AM

I started redoing your model at a workable scale. I expect there are dimension issues with it because I was trying to work on dimensions you created and I believe your units settings resulted in inaccuracies. I’m also not sure about your plan for the orange legs. Are supposed to be notched to fit the white par or should the white bar be notched to fit the orange pieces. As modeled, your gussets have no thickness so I had to guess.

Thanks Dave - I hadn’t modelled it with those settings. I modelled it at a mm scale but copied it out into a new file hence the architectural scales. Thanks for the explanation! The gussets were solid but kept opening up. I’ve redrawn and it works now! Thank you!