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Why not a plugin to move the lowest point of an object to a plan with one or two clicks?! Click and select a group first click (sketchup calculate which is the lowest point of the object) and click on a plan point when you want to move your object in the second click… 6 tool options: 2 for the blu axes (1 up, 1 under), 2 red axes and 2 green axes.

Unlikely to be worth writing a plug-in for, as it is very simple with native tools.

Select the group or component you want to move.

Choose Camera/Parallel projection, then Camera/Standard views/Front (or either side view).

Start the Move tool.

Visually pick the lowest point in the object. Move up (or down) on blue axis* and pick the origin, or type [0,0,0] (SU will add the closing square bracket for you).

Done. Move on red or green axis instead if you want to.

*(Lock the move on axis using either arrow or Shift key.)

If you activate the move tool, you get a bunch of bounding box grip points, if you just choose the corresponding ones, there is no need to select a vertice of the object itself, at all. (That is, if the bounding box is not polluted with stray edges or anything of it’s container)

Thanks guys, I know Sketchup has a good move tool and tips for do that but sometimes don’t works perfectly or need some steps-clicks. I really can find useful a plugin which can shorten and improve the process since I have many objects to move.If someone is interessed this can help me a lot.

Before reinventing the wheel, check out what’s there already:


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I agree that this is not so hard to do with native. But for batches of objects an extension can be a time saver. One option is Sandbox Bonus Tools, it’s not free but it’s simple and quick.