Hidden face

The model demo.skp (914.5 KB) shows below:

Only edges. But iterating its entities, there is a face. It is a hidden or invisible entity? When I checked its face.hidden or face.visible, got undefined method. How can I check the hidden face? Thanks.

When I opened there is definitely a face.

Are you sure about using the right syntax of getter method with the question mark (?) at the end?

status_v = face.visible?
status_h = face.hidden?

This is different then setter method e.g. : Drawingelement#hidden=-instance_method

status = face.hidden = true
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The face is at:

entities = Sketchup.active_model.entities
face = entities[0].entities[18]

The face’s “visible?” flag is set “true”, its layer is visible, and the material’s opacity is 1.0. The front and back materials are not the same texture. The front texture appears to be a thin outer wooden frame with an inner transparent rectangle. The back material is darker outer frame. I can click right through the front to the edges behind it. For material data I’m seeing:

 face.front_material = [板材美柚]1; color = Color(128, 94, 66, 255); opacity = 1.0
   ...material .name = [板材美柚]1;   .materialType = 1: textured
    ..material texture.filename:
     pixels wide = 312;   inches wide = 59.05511811024

 face.back_material  = 地板-浅色; color = Color( 67, 49, 30, 255); opacity = 1.0
   ...material .name = 地板-浅色;   .materialType = 1: textured
    ..material texture.filename:
     pixels wide = 1556;   inches wide = 118.1102362205

Open up that texture ‘jpg’ file and see if it is transparent.

Thank you very much! Yes, there is a face, actually a hole. I thought they were edges.