Sketchup face visibility setting

Hi Experts,

I am using the following APIs to add faces into the Sketchup model. My question is how to set the face hidden. Here I don’t construct any SUFaceRef object. Thank you.

Considering one cube with 12 polygon faces, I just add these 12 faces into one SUGeometryInputRef object. How set all these 12 polygon faces hidden, or how set 3 faces of 12 faces hidden?

SUGeometryInputAddFace(SUGeometryInputRef geom_input, SULoopInputRef* outer_loop, size_t* added_face_index)
SUEntitiesFill(SUEntitiesRef entities,SUGeometryInputRef geom_input, bool weld_vertices)
SUGeometryInputRelease(SUGeometryInputRef* geom_input);

It appear that we’re missing a function to set the visibility of faces in GeometryInput. I’ll file an issue for this.

Thank you.

May I know when will this issue be resolved? A draft time line would be ok.

I’m afraid we have no timeline for this as of yet.