Help with sloping curve for stone handrail

I am having trouble with modelling this handrail, it seems to twist slightly in the middle (it just looks a little weird). Follow me is not giving the desired results. It needs to be flat all the way down to the other stone pier. I will also have to do the same with the base and balustrades. Its been a bit of a nightmare. I can attach the model if that’s of any use… And thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me. James

I think the extension called Eneroth upright extruder is perfect for this.
Works like follow-me but keeps the profile upright!

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You might want to take a look at this thread covering some of the possibilities and issues.

I’m curious how you made the path as that can effect things.
But here’s three versions to see the differences.
3 versions


Thank you for your quick responses. Tweenulzeven, that’s the problem, the end profile is not upright when it reaches the last pier at the bottom. I still also have that slight twist in the middle which looks odd too. Shep thank u for the link, I think I saw that before. Box I used the first method you show (follow me) and then twisted the end profile with Vertex tools to try and level it up, but it seems a mess. I have attached an image of the actual project, which may show what I am actually trying to achieve…

It would help if you added the model, or at least the relevant parts.

@Box showed you two ways that work, Upright extruder and Curviloft.
Use one of these to get it done…

Thanks guys, I have attached the basic model and relevant parts.
Balistrades.skp (1.5 MB)
I will also try Eneroth Upright Extruder too and see what I get as well. I haven’t got Curviloft, I will download that as well.

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I think, before going any further I’d alter the starting point by making a “coped” beginning and end for the rail. This should simplify the extruded section a good bit.

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Here’s a quick first try with Bezier Curve and Curviloft. Not perfect but an idea of one method.

Thanks Shep, I did as you said, making a “coped” beginning and end for the rail and then I used Curviloft to complete the process. It turned out much better. I will complete the other parts and post here when finished, to see how it went.

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