HELP: Open Cutlist - Materials List differs from Cutting Diagram Materials Overview

The floor beams are only 38x89 mm, if you drop something, you will probably feel the whole shed shaking. Also, there is no real frame for the door and all the sidings seems to be turned around. One should alway think in terms of “If I was a little raindrop, where would I go” :slight_smile:

I redraw it and made it a component with the scale attribut added, so the grips don’t get to close:

If you name the instances, you wouldn’t be needing so much different component defintions.For this front, I only used one component definition:

Here is the report:

the file:
GardenHouse.skp (2,9 MB)

You know how sometimes you can hear/see something a ton of times and all of a sudden it clicks? Well, this explanation did it for me.

I’ve been getting a better understanding of components, but it still hadn’t clicked. Maybe it’s my background in Object Oriented Programming, but the Definition vs Instance clarification really helped.


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