Help! Make objects solid?


Is there a way to make components “solid” so that they cant pass through one another? This would be incredibly helpful for making interference fit parts!


There’s no collision detection if that’s what you mean. What sort of parts are you making for which you want an interference fit?


I knew there was a name for it just couldn’t remember it! I’m just trying to do some 3D modeling of an adjustable gate and wanted to check the fit before i spend a few thousand dollars on steel and time. anyway there’s a collision detection plug in or something of the sort?


No plugin that I’m aware of. It’s not difficult to figure out if there’d be a collision, though. Just rotate the gate about the hinge pin center and check visually to see if it runs into the post on the side. Or just measure the distances.


Sorry maybe gate isn’t the best description! It’s a hydraulic flow control gate on an feed hopper.


Well, the same thing applies. You might find it easier if you are looking at a cross section of the assembly.