Heavy Lift Drone Very Brief Introductory Video

Hello again, Sketchup Folks. I have most of the design done for a Heavy Lift Drone. I plan a series of explanatory YouTube videos for my YouTube channel where I give more details about various parts of the Heavy Lift Drone. I thought perhaps there should be a Very Brief Introductory Video about the Heavy Lift Drone that I could put at the end of each of the explanatory videos so that if someone just “stumbled across” one of the explanatory videos and wondered “What is this all about?” Well the little Introductory Video at the end would explain it. For those familiar with the topic, they could just skip that little video section at the end. I will probably always put that disclaimer discussion at the front of all the Heavy Lift Videos, I don’t want someone to create something that is beyond what they should be doing and somebody gets hurt. Here’s the YouTube address for the Very Brief Introductory Video:

The image is KeyShot rendering a Sketchup scene. The peak is from Google Earth near to Gunnison, Colorado. I pulled the Google Earth image into Sketchup, then sent the Sketchup Drawing to KeyShot.
Enjoy! Dr. Gray