Have SketchUp Pro 2018 - want to collaborate with son in another state

I have a single user SketchUp Pro license. My son lives in Colorado and is interested in learning how to use SketchUp to help him make plans to use in pulling building permits for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) conversion of his existing garage. He is not a student, so we will not be able to use the education version.

We are looking for the most economical way for him to be able to learn SketchUp and produce his plans. I’d like to be able to collaborate with him on his project. I see that SketchUp Make is $118 per year, but he would miss the option of being able to produce PDFs and possibly Layout in the future. Can I get an additional seat or license for Sketchup Pro 2018 by paying for a network subscription? What would the cost be? Is there some other option that could help him get started with SketchUp?


I think you mean SketchUp Shop, not Make.

As for your question, I think you should contact SketchUp Customer Support directly and ask them.

Since he clearly has a business of his own, he should buy a license to SketchUp Pro. That would be the proper thing to do.

Actually, he just lost his job and is trying to be productive and learn SketchUp to make plans for his personal home. I am a general contractor and am using Sketchup Pro 2018. He has some money put aside and wants to use his time off to convert his garage into a living space. From CA, I am trying to help him polish up his construction skills in CO.

I would suggest, again, that you contact SketchUp Customer Support and ask them.

Your son could consider the SketchUp Pro license as an investment in his future. And if he’s trying to get work, having professional looking plans and project documentation to show can go a long way.

As for the collaboration thing, look at Trimble Connect.

Thanks Dave, I figured that they would be closed today and was trying to pick the community’s brain. I expect to contact them first thing tomorrow.

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