Happy Holidays to everyone and a joyous new year


My best wishes to everyone. Many thanks for sharing your time and thoughts in the forum.

To celebrate, I thought that I would add one of my favorite holiday-themed models from the 3D Warehouse.


Nice Tommy!

All the very best of Festive wishes from SEE-IT-3D and me… To every Sketchup addict out there


Nice. It would have to use rockets instead of jet propulsion, though. According to our local newspaper today, the sleigh has a speed of 43.5 kilometers per second (slower than interstellar probes).

All the best wishes to everyone



Thanks! And all the best to you and all SketchUppers and wider the SketchUp family!

SketchUp received a place in the middle of my biscuits box:


Thank you and the best wishes from Germany.


Less than 2 hours to go to 2015.

Best wishes to everyone here on the forum.


Happy New Year, Wo3Dan, from sunny (but not so warm) Wisconsin.
Here, it was -10°C when 2015 arrived.