Handling "Include in animation" flag in Scenes

I am wondering if there is a way to handle the “Include in animation” flag from the API. I can’t see any related method in Sketchup::Page, so I guess it is not possible at all. Any hint?

It would be useful to define whether a scene is included in a rendering cycle or not.

It’s not straight-forward. Use the Page#label method and check if it contains parenthesis.

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That is a good solution to know whether a Scene is included in animation, but only if I manually uncheck the box in SketchUp.

My goal is generating a Scene programatically that is not included in animaton, with the box unchecked by default.

I understand - and I don’t think there is a way to set “include in animation” for a Scene from the Ruby API. Maybe someone else knows a solution?

EDIT: Since thread was started, API methods were added for v2018 and higher. (See post 7.)

OK, I’ll try to find another solution. Good to know anyway. Thank you guys for your help.

:white_check_mark: DONE !

FYI,… Finally, … the API has been updated for version 2018 and higher …

… both a query method and a setter method have been added to the Sketchup::Page class.



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Good news! I saw it last week.

It will help me implement some ideas I have in mind. Can’t wait to update to 2018.

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