Guide Lines Extension

I think it’d be cool if there was a divide option when you-right click guide lines. Does someone want to make a guide line division extension?

Interesting idea.
just want to remind people that you can array guidepoints.


Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed.

@jim_foltz had an extension that let you draw finite guide lines - like you’d draw edges with the Line tool. It was great for better control over creating clines and cpoints. Though I cannot find the extension any more… :confused:

@thomthom, wasn’t there a plugin written by Brian at SketchUcation that had a set of pencils to draw with various line types?
I use Daiku’s plugin to convert edges to finite construction ‘lines’, sort of dashed ‘edges’.
(from Extention Warehouse)

There were some code numbers ‘~SketchUpSendAction …’ that could be typed into the Ruby Console to change the dashed line type into dotted etc. That I can’t find anymore.

Do you mean Rich’s Pen Tools.

Indeed I do. Why on earth did I say Brian? And who can forget Rich? I did.
Thank you for the correction!

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I’ve been using @Suforyou’s linetool that does this.

EDIT: I no longer recommend SuForYou (aka “s4u” prefixed) extensions because
of popup “nag advertising” screens at each session’s initial use of a tool and
frivolous branding “Thank You” output to the Ruby Console each time his tools are used.

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