Guide c point face is it possible?

Is it possible to create guide c point face???

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there are scattered shaped points, can’t these points in the xy direction merge and become a surface?

You posted your question in [Developers][ Developer Job Board]. That means you want to hire someone to make it.
I assume - from your other post - that you want to deal with Ruby, if it is the case please edit your first post and put it into a right category: [Developers][Ruby-API]

You need to be more clear and detailed with your question, because currently I do not really understand what you want. There is no “guide face” exist in SketchUp.

Moreover, your forum profile suggest you are using a SketchUp for Schools, which is not allowing any extension or Ruby execution.

Please edit your profile and put real description .

Students, meeting their sketchup needs with ruby, how to do it, needs, market expectations, research, learning, getting advice, drawing, 3d design, topics such as, I want to master before they are launched, dezmo, I realized that my research on this subject is voronoi extension plugin, thank you I will take it into account.

Unfortunately, the sentence you wrote above is a set of words. It’s not a meaningful sentence. There is no real connection between the words. I do not understand.

It looks like you’re an AI robot, you don’t understand what we’re talking about, you just keep posting random words, without answering to my question and without taking my advise into account.
Good luck!


I’ll take what you say into consideration, sorry