Groups vs Components

more whining: I have a model of my workshop, 32MB with 32 layers and 82 components but 322 component definitions (732 Groups). Most of the equipment in the shop came from 3D Warehouse and some of those have been edited to reduce the size and get rid of extraneous “junk”.

Of the 82 components ~1/3 appear to be empty and look like this:

I just made another component, a frame around a window, and it took over 5 minutes to produce the component.

What are the ramifications of reinstalling SketchUp? This has started to be a lot less fun than it used to be.

The numbers are components placed on one of the pieces of equipment, very, very small and now gone.

I ran the SketchUp install software, one of the options is repair existing installation, which I did. And I’m still having issues with creating components. Next will be a complete uninstall/reinstall to see if that solves my issues.

If those components are in the In Model list, you should be able to drag them out into the model space. Did you try that?

If you mean the numbers I deleted them, right click - delete, so they are gone.

So you deleted them from the In Model components library?

Yes, then gave the component that used them a new name and saved it.

OK. I’m confused. Did you want those number components?

Sorry Dave for the confusion. From my post 4 days ago, I had no idea what they were, and I certainly didn’t need 3/64" high letters on the RAS in my shop, so I deleted them.

The good news! I uninstalled SUp 2016, reinstalled it and it appears as though my Component creating problems have gone away :slight_smile:

I see. Two unrelated issues.

Yes, you probably didn’t need those numbers on your RAS. Glad you got the component creation thing sorted.

Oh I agree, didn’t know 4 days ago what those numbers were, thought it might be related to the problem I was having with components.