Grouping Groups


Is it ok to Group groups?

I’ve just tried it out and it seems to work fine.

How many sub groups can you create.

Thanks in advance for your help.

“Nested” groups or components are not unusual.
Could you explain what and why you are doing this.
These type of low information questions are some what notorious for not leading to good closed form solutions of the basic issue IMHO.

As mac7595 says, your question lacks a certain substance. I mean, if someone were to take you literally, all you’d get is a yes or no and a number. Is that what you really wanted?

As to the number of permissible nested levels, I think the answer would be that you are limited only by available system resources, since groups are not free. I suspect that with any reasonably equipped contemporary computer, you would get hopelessly snarled up in the structure of your model long before you hit a wall restricting further nested levels.

Personally, I prefer to keep my model structure as flat and wide as I can. I am hard pressed to see why you would ever have to go beyond, say, three or four levels. Perhaps you can explain why that would be desireable.


Note that deep group or component nesting, while often resulting in smaller SketchUp model files, results in poorer overall performance. Using components for repeating elements reduces file size, but doesn’t make SketchUp any faster. The only way to increase performance is to reduce the number of faces and edges that SketchUp needs to process.


Thanks all. I guess i am just trying to organize my model as organised as possible, so still learning the best practices.

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