Group axes issue

Maybe this has been happening all along and I never noticed it before, but for some reason, when I modify a group (i.e., push/pull a side), the group axes don’t seem to update accordingly. Part of me is thinking that the axis origin should automatically reposition to the lower front corner, but it isn’t (anymore).

In this example I create a cube and group it. Then I explode the group, push the front in, and exit. The origin of the axes remains in its original position.


It’s positioned at that corner while creation, but isn’t affected afterwards, that’s the normal and unchanged behavior.

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Funny, I have never noticed this before. Origin point is set at creation and remains there forever unless repositioned with the Axis tool. Thanks.

In your example you did not actually explode the group, it was just edited?

Correct. Just a quick simple edit.
I honestly just don’t remember the axis behaving like this before. I feel like I would have noticed this in the years I’ve been using it.

It’s been the way you show it at least since V3. Maybe you’ve always edited the geometry from the sides away from the axes before.

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