Grid with irregular perimeter in sandbox



Is it possible to create grid with irregular shape perimeter instead of rectangular one that shows in sandbox?



No, the ‘From Scratch’ tool produces rectangular TINs with square grids.
You could intersect an irregular perimeter with the created TIN and delete what is outside.
You could also stretch or skew or bend (with plugins) the TIN.


The Soap Bubble plugin has an option which will create a skin for any closed loop.


Not to put too fine a point on it, you can simply delete whatever grid squares you don’t want. You should be able to chop it down pretty quickly with a selection window and the Delete key.



If you don’t specifically need a grid, the from Contour tool can produce irregular shapes.
You can control how it breaks up the face by adding lines within your perimeter contour.


You might want to look at Fredo’s excellent TopoShaper