Grid too Light when printed

How do you make the the grid bolder so it shows up when printing in 2D? I am using Grid Tool. Newbie

Change the color of guides in the Styles edit tab.

Here is what I am working with.RC 5:16 Stage 5~~.skp (1.3 MB). I tried what I thought you suggested but everything else changed but the grid. Appreciate your help. I only due 5 of these stages a month and do not use sketchup for anything else. Thanks

I think you did what I suggested. If that’s still printing too light, you’ll need to replace the guideline grid with “real” lines.

The guidelines really aren’t intended as anything more than references while drawing.

If you want a physical grid that can have thickness and depth, just make a square component with the relative dimensions and array it to suit.
You don’t actually need a full square, just look at which bits you need and move copy them.