Graphics Cards in Notebooks

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@bupkins, if Lenovo offers the computer with the nVidia card, they will have drivers to optimize its performance for notebook use.

This indicates you need to be using SketchUp Pro, not Make.

I have not used SketchUp yet, but I have purchased a book called SketchUp-- a Design Guide for Woodworkers , which suggests that SketchUp Make is fine for my purposes, so that is the version I will definitely be using. I will not be a high-end user. Do you think the Intel HD 630 integrated graphics card will suit my purposes?

Joeā€™s a nice guy but you should refer to the EULA instead of a book written by a SketchUp user. Since you will be using SketchUp in your business you must use SketchUp Pro.

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Joe Zeh is also a friend of mine. Iā€™m quite sure he meant only to comment about the technical capabilities of Make vs Pro, not about the license aspect of casual vs professional usage!


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