Google Earth modeling Extension


I am wondering why I can’t find the Google Earth Modeling extension in the extension warehouse for SketchUp Make 2017


I am not aware of such an extension. I have not heard of it. You need to download Google Earth from the appropriate download site…not on the Extension Warehouse.


I have, but should I see Google Earth Modeling as an option under templates? Another video I watched had this as an option under templates.


Must be a very old video. There never was a Google Earth extension to install.

In SU2017 Make, you can get a map using Add Location. You could export a KMZ file which can be opened in Earth. There’s no direct connection, though.

Many years ago there was an option to import location imagery and terrain from Google Earth. It was only black and white. Then a version or two later they were able to get color imagery from Google Maps. Earlier this year Google discontinued the access to the Maps api meaning that SketchUp lost that source for data. Now make users can get map imagery but no terrain or photo imagery.

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