"go back to last scene" shortcut

I’m surprised I did not find any mention of this. I would absolutly LOVE a shortcut to go back to the previous scene.
I’m sure that a ton of people here use alt+tab a lot, maybe another shortcut to navigate between tabs on your browser (there are extensions to do that. I could not live without it).
I want the same for sketchup. It would use it all the time to go back and forth between 2 scenes.

Page Up/Page Down keys toggle through scenes backwards and forwards.

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ok thank you.
but it is not exactly the same. That 's like the Excel version (ctrl+pgUp/down). It’s clealry less usefull than the “last tab” version when you have a lot of tabs.

Yes, my suggestion is only sequential. Your feature request to jump back to any previous scene still stands.

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I find an easy-to-reach keyboard shortcut for Camera > Previous is an essential part of speedy navigation.

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usefull, but do not toggle between 2 scenes. only if you were on a scene and move the camera.