Ghost Dialog - Inspired by a trend on X

Hey everyone! I was inspired by a cool trend on X and experimented with Ruby in SketchUp. Excited to share this with you and hear your thoughts! :smiley:


I like it! :+1:
:thinking: Did you use the “kind of technique” that your post suggests you did before this post? (view.write_image…)

Moved to the right forum category… :wink:

Thank you! I’m glad you like it! :smile:

Yes, I used view.write_image and synchronized the image position on the dialog with the viewport. :smiley:

If interested, you can view the source code here.

(I’ve only tested it on Mac so far)

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Thanks. I assumed something similar!
The code looks nice and clear, I guess should work in Windows! (I will try it later…)

Sorry I don’t know much about coding, what does it do, is it like a magnifying glass or what?

As I see, currently is to simulate transparency of the dialog - see what is “behind” of the dialog in a model. Which otherwise cannot be achieved natively by UI::HtmlDialog.

However, “magnifying glass” feature can be added… relative easy, with a resolution restriction. I guess.

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The idea I shared revolves around a ‘transparent dialog’ in SketchUp. Typically, dialogs in SketchUp occupy a fixed area on the viewport, blocking part of the view.
In the video, I make a dialog that is see-through. You can still see your SketchUp model while the dialog is open.

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it feels like an xray machine.

could be funny to have a different style in it. or your birdcage

lots of possibilities in this ! :slight_smile: