Getting Faces from Groups and Components


I’ve started working with the “ReadingFromAskpFile” sample, using a model that contains 2 basic cubes combined as a group. I have also worked with basic geometry set up as components, and have grouped those components.

In any case, I can not find a way to get at the faces of the geometry that is within a group, or component, or component in a group. Getting the faces for geometry not in a group or component is straightforward, as per the example code.

I can not find any documentation that describes the data hierarchy, nor have I found samples online anywhere that show how to get at SUFaceRefs starting with an SUModelRef and working down through various paths to get SUDrawingElementRefs -> SUFaceRefs (or Model -> Entities -> Faces, or Model -> Groups -> Entities -> Faces, etc).

Any suggestions are appreciated!