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One question I have while learning about the get primitive nodes is how to you know what piece of geometry from the geometry asset you are assigning the index number to? Can you display numbers of the parts somehow or see the incoming list of primitives?

More visualization/inspection tools in the 3D window is definitely desired. and would help with making the correct index selection.

I think you are referring to some tutorials that “get” a particular primitive. While the number of primitives is few, we can just step through the indices until we get the correct primitive. I know that pretty much equates to “just guess it”.
Alternatively, we could have just exported the primitives separately for the tutorial (so that they can be brought in as different asset nodes). And thus you wouldn’t need to split up the asset into primitives via “get primitive”. Do you think the tutorial should do this instead?

In theory, when the import/export format is more intelligent/further developed, we might be able to “get primitive by name”, or “get primitive by tag” but that isn’t currently possible.

In the meantime, to visually find a precise primitive, here is my solution. I attribute a color to an index from 0 to 9 and according to the multiple of 10 of the number of the primitive, multiply by a factor corresponding to the multiple of 10. And jointly, I organize them in a checkerboard of 10 columns.
With the graph, it’s more meaningful!


Another graph that colors only the primitive N° n

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Hi Sim, that last graph link appears to take users to the other graph (in the comment prior) rather than the one in the gif.

That is a cool visualization of selection in the .gif!

A bit late, but I finally updated the link.

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It could be convenient to have on a click in the 3D pane the information about the geometry hovered over or clicked.
Among other things, its primitive index number.

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