Integer list


is there any way to parameterize the “integer list” node in the graph below?

or, in general, some way to parameterize the selection of more primitives from a given number of primitives…

thank you

Yes, I’ve created one way for you to checkout. Give the graph immediately below a look and test out the parameters window to see how it gets a specific number of primitive.

Get a specific primitive or groups of them with the delete primitives combined with a boolean list node

Even though it’s called the delete primitives node, in this case it’s a great tool to get primitives. Click through, delete the input connections and type in your own values where the connections were to see how the nodes work. Here’s the documentation on the boolean list node Boolean list - Trimble Creator Node Documentation and for the delete primitives node Delete primitives - Trimble Creator Node Documentation

In your case, I see what you’re doing with the integer node, you can simply connect 1 or more parameter nodes like number nodes etc. to whatever nodes you have made to collect the information you need. Even if the integer node can’t be parameterized, just connect others to them and paramaterize those, linking the chain together.

Here’s another example on how to use the boolean pattern node which comes from the delete primitives node documentation example graphs

Delete primitives with a boolean pattern