Get material area of nested components

I’m working on a system to quickly conduct an architectural study, demonstrating how many spaces can be realized on a given site. This is done using multiple dynamic components, each assigned a color based on the type of housing.

My goal is to have all these dynamic components within a single component, while also being able to calculate the area of all nested components. However, I can’t achieve this by linking all components through a formula because I want to give my colleagues the flexibility to add or delete components as needed.

Is there a way to use FACEAREA on the material of a nested component? Or is there another approach to this problem?

Maybe use Generate Report to get a sum from all nested levels of components?

Thanks @rwamoore, that is definitely a possibility. We are still in the testing phase of this workflow. Because we sometimes work with multiple buildings or need to separate certain parts, it would be nice to have the area included in a component of the separated parts. I would love to know if that could be possible.

Use the selected components only option possibly? Only reports the current selection…

EDIT: Could also use the ‘group by’ feature to separate by building etc… Make a custom name attribute like Building_Name and then separate each component out: Building 1, 2 etc.

I see. It will work for now, but I would prefer to have it inside the component. This would also enable further testing and development.

Problem is that DCs will not adapt to internal component changes automatically. If you add a new component it will not adjust/insert itself into existing formulas, if you delete one it will not remove existing references, it will break your DC. Unless I am missing something maybe @pcmoor? You could look at a ruby solution perhaps…

a scale implant can assure uniqueness to each component if scaled, however objects that have their internal geometry altered must be subject to redraw to update after the component is closed to update area. (passage)

The report saved to this file is grouped by Name, with area (quantities) and a total

sum areas.skp (89.6 KB)

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