Gather together the groups with the same name

I have in my model four groups with the same name (drawer) and they are totally identical. Is any way to show in Entity Info:
Group (4 in model)

not as it appears now:
Group (1 in model)

Initially when I created them they appeared the correct way but later I ungrouped/grouped them a few times and now only 1 in model appears. So is there any way to achieve that without delete/recreate them?

They’;ve become unique groups. If you want them to remain the same and to show as four of the same, make a component of the first drawer and copy it to make the additional ones. Note that if you explode a group or component and remake it, it will be a different group/component than it was before. Generally there should be no need to explode the component after you’ve created it.

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I understand that generally there should be no need to explode the component after you’ve created it, however is there any method to recover them without delete/recreate them?

Not just exploding, but simply going into a group (so, editing it, even if you didn’t change any geometry) will make it unique, and break the link between that one and the other copies (unedited copies will still be copies). If you wanna see a reliable number of the copies in the Entity Info, you should turn them into components instead. If you created and copied a group which should’ve been a component, you can turn them into components after the fact using the Group Copies menu:

I believe it’s a feature of the Selection Toys plugin by thomthom

@ DaveR,@ farukahmet Thank you for the accurate explanation.