Frustrated by dropping through the cracks

I have this request because of 17 years of frustration. Keep me and others from dropping through the cracks.

I am 79 and have broad interests, but generally due to corporate marketing policies I drop through the cracks with no satisfactory solution.

People like me have interest in many technologies and have inadequate access to almost all of them for no good reason.

Taking SketchUp as an example. I last used it several years ago, and once I finish my current project I probably won’t use it again for a year or two.

The frustration is the Go subscription for which I forked over a bit over $100 for Sketchup to write a single personal white paper to a college professor friend. It’s important to me to do a good job because I may also pass it on to other friends and retired former associates just for the joy of sharing it with them.

After spending almost a month re-learning to use SketchUp and also a free technical writing software I learned from scratch, I have been doing a beautiful job.

But now the apparent technical limitations of Go make it very hard for me to fix a simple technical glitch that prevents me from having nice tag>>edit>>line-format clean dotted lines because they are messed up because auto-fracturing of a large number of criss-crossed lines that need to be welded together. But I can’t have the Weld extension.

The extension isn’t primarily the problem, but the fact is that most lower level software suites there are always a number of glitches and shortcomings that mean that the higher price software is needed.

But again people like me always drop through the cracks and suffer a lot because forking over $200+ more in order to get nice dots and dashes for a personal project once every few years is not practical.

The galling part of this problem is that it would cost the corporation almost nothing to provide access to 2 or 3 extensions or whatever a well thought out solution they could provide.

Education SketchUp is one thing and I commend SketchUp for providing. But I feel left out and frustrated like the many out there that are regressively locked out of those tools.

I’m not going to kick the bucket because I can’t get access to my problem, but this problem has smacked me in the face a dozen times or more in the past 15 or 20 years when I took interest in something like Adobe, Band-in-the-Box, Mathcad, Vegas Studio, Eclipse, etc.

it puzzles me why companies don’t provide software that won’t cost them anything but would give exposure to their products?

Here is a thought: I know for a fact that providing one or two a full capability projects to a low paying customer once or twice a year would cost the company almost nothing and would lead to to some additional business. Even providing good software for non-commercial use would benefit the company.

I saw this happen with Cincom Smalltalk who for years provided full blown full featured Smalltalk for non-commercial use for FREE for years next to their almost identical paid commercial product. They have managed to keep going commercially for many years in spite of the fact that other Smalltalk vendors such as Digitalk and Parc Place Systems disappeared.

Weld is a native feature of Go and doesn’t require the use of an extension. Not to mention none of the web versions or Ipad version have the ability to use extensions, currently.

I was not able to find the link in either context, but I will look some more now that I have seen your note.
It may not show up in the Go account.

I will check it out again and try to confirm this. I will try to confirm this as I was told by another that it was only extensions.

Weld Edges is present in the Right Click context menu in SU Go, when you have some edges selected:

Second item from bottom

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Nobody on this forum has or would tell you that.

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How about we start with identifying and solving your actual model problem? What “technical glitch” have you run across, it’s likely a misunderstood intended program behavior, perhaps one you could avoid if you understood the program better. Upload your .skp file here so those of us who help out can evaluate it and assist you, or at least show some screenshots and describe the actual problem better.

Where do you get the idea that it won’t “cost” them anything? That’s like saying Toyota has already built the cars, so giving them away won’t cost them anything. Development costs money. How does giving away the program pay for the SketchUp programmers kids braces?

How would you eat if you got paid in ‘exposure’? I’m pretty sure the grocery store doesn’t except ‘exposure’ - but I don’t know you - maybe you have an agreement with them that you don’t pay for your groceries because you tell everyone how great their store is…!

If the post was more than a few years old, it’s possible the OP read that as Weld was added natively when, 2021? But the point is mystery solved! Free and Go can do it.

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Yes, if the OP has said Read but he said Told, and he had already asked specifically in another thread about Go, and I don’t think it was called Go until after it had weld, and nobody had told him in that thread that he needed an extension to do it. If he had said Read I would have pointed out is was old info.

I was also going on his earlier posts where he tells us that Chat GPT is a better source of information.

So I felt it was possible he had been Told bad information by Chat GPT.

So much to learn by reading between the lines. Nothing gets by you my friend.