Front and back

i can’t figure out how sketchup assigns front and back to the faces of a 2D shape.

intuitively i would expect that the face i see when drawing it should be the front, but alas, every now and then it decides the back should be facing me, the human, looking at the screen.

it usually seems to do this when interacting with other objects on the screen, like drawing a rectangle inside of a larger rectangle.

thanks in advance for any help

SketchUp has a special rule that when drawing upon the ground plane, that the face is orientated facing down in preparation for a subsequent Pull-Pull operation.

Other faces in 3D space are orientated depending upon which direction you draw the vertices. (Ie, clockwise or counter-clockwise.)

Also be sure to bookmark and read:

Thank you very much Dan, and I apologize if I’ve been lazy- internet searches can often be like trying to find a specific needle in a needle stack.

You should definitely read all of Chapter 1 in the online User Guide.

Also watch the official SketchUp introductory video tutorials linked on the SketchUp Learning portal …

Thanks again Dan.

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