Follow me isn’t working in just draw mode

I select the path, then hit follow me and then select the profile and nothing happens.

I select follow me, then path, then profile and nothing happens.

These would be the two situations that would better emulate desktop’s quickest behaviour.

Yeah, good call out. In just draw mode the pattern is slightly different.

After preselecting the path, you just need to kinda quickly swipe on the profile with the pencil. We have a ticket on the board to make it work with a simple tap instead.

If you don’t have a path preselected, you should be able to gently pull the profile along the path with the pencil.

This particular path was behind a wall. Pushing along the path was never my thing…

Interesting. I have been getting mixed results with follow me tool but now that I know is a slight swipe I like it! Very elegant that way.

Oh, I see. I was frustrated too without understanding why. I think I stumbled on the flick and wondered why it worked that time.

Trying the follow me again. For me it works if i preselect the path and then do a Harding press on the face, almost the same pressure as in drawing on click-draw-click.