Fill a wall of a skyscraper

I recently started using Sketchup and I’m struggling with something:
I am working on my own skyscraper -just started so no materials yet- and I wanted to ask something. I saw in this video:1. How to make a skyscraper in Google SketchUp 8.0 - YouTube that when this person pulls his building out of the ground and it ‘grows’, the windows automatically copy and paste with the rest of the building. How does he do this? I would really like to know because otherwise I have to create the windows of the whole building myself. Sorry for the bad English and thanks.

Model just one story of the building.
Make that a Component.
Then create the other stories by using the Move tool to Move/Copy/Array
Notice you can set YouTube video to display captions in the language you prefer.


Copies and Arrays

Thank you very much,
It really helped and I created my first building, around 141 meters tall.