Faces disappear/become transparent after export to PDF

Hi all—
I’m trying to export a scene to 2D PDF, but some of the faces disappear or become transparent.
Any idea as to why or what to do??

Go to SketchUp’s Preferences and disable Hardware Acceleration. Do you then get the faces?

Yes, I tried that but no luck :\

I also disabled transparency in style settings

Interestingly, the same components exported just fine from a different model.

That is weird.

Did you update and save your style then update the scene that used that style? i.e. you didn’t have this over it

That doesn’t seem to be the problem, no.

The only thing that’s worked has been copying it all into a new file.

How large is the model causing the problem? Is it something you could upload or share a link with us here? At this point we’re just guessing…

The original that didn’t work was 65MB—although I don’t quite know how it got so large, particularly as we have much more complex models that are quite smaller (this model was not all my doing).
Even after Saving As a new file it only drops to 55MB

The new file copied+pasted is only 24 MB.

Unfortunately I can’t share, but thanks for your insights.
I’ll go on copy and pasting into new files unless folks have better ideas.

I just found the solution, i had this problem too. Although all my items are in tag 1, some color image is stored in ‘‘untagged’’. Swith that on and your problem is solved.

What you describe indicates incorrect tag usage. You shouldn’t ever have Untagged turned off because it should ALWAYS be active.

Yes ofcourse, i know. I switched it off by accident but thought hey lets let the other one know who also had this problem. Maybe he didnt know about it.