Face insensitive to the intersect_with method


Here is a SketchUp file containing 2 faces in the model and one face in a group.
Intersect_with impossible.skp (25.6 KB)

If you use the intersect_with method (Class: Sketchup::Entities — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation) to get the intersection between the group and the model, there is no intersection for the face in blue. Here is a code to use the method on the provided file:

  m = Sketchup.active_model
  # group containing a face that is a cutting plane of model entities
  section_group = m.find_entity_by_persistent_id(2719083) 
  # intersecting the model entities and the section group (the intersection entities are drawn in the section group)
  m.entities.intersect_with(false, Geom::Transformation.new, section_group, section_group.transformation, false, section_group)

No matter how hard I look, I don’t see why this face refuses to be intersected. Do you have any explanation?

The snippet you attached is equivalent to opening the group for edit and then invoking Intersect Faces With…Model via the GUI. If you do that, you get the same result. Other than the possibiility of a bug, I can’t explain why it gets only the one edge.

hm… sounds like a bug to me… can you log it in the issue tracker please?

Hi ThomThom,

I did it.I don’t know if it will be you but someone from the SketchUp team should look into the code of this mysterious face with unexpected behavior. I didn’t find any workaround to make this face reactive ( reversing, rotating, … don’t work). Thanks!