Extract textures from model


is it possible to extract all used textures in a fast way? At the moment I iterate over all materials/textures and call wnite (Class: Sketchup::Texture — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation) for each. However, that process takes forever (ca. 100ms per texture).

Is there any other way? There must be, Thea somehow manages to extract the data in a fraction of the time.

Thanks for your help,

P.S.: I’m using SU Make 2017 on Win10 (64-bit).

Try installing this…

This ‘fast-texture-writer’ iterates through the model’s materials and temporarily assigns each textured-material to a virtual face, exporting the texture image file to a folder in turn…

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I tried, but it seems not working…
It seems to become an extension called “photo texture”.
May I know if there is any clues that i did something wrong?

What is ‘not working’ ?

Please explain in more detail…