External light source in vray next

I have used some lights from 3d warehouse in my model. These lights doesn’t turn on while rendering in vray next 5. How to turn these on? I am a beginner. Help me. Thank you.

What exactly type of lights? How do you know they’re not turned on?

Normal ceiling light, floor lamp. It renders dark when I set the sun off

In V-ray there is no ‘normal ceilig light’, instead if you look you’ll see: Rectangle light, Omni light, IES light, etc.
What type of V-ray light do you use?

You must add V-ray lights to the Warehouse fixtures. Objects in the 3D Warehouse are just SketchUp models, they don’t automatically have V-ray lighting properties.

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I used models from 3d warehouse. I didn’t know I have to add vray light separately. It’s clear now. Thanks

Thank you. I understand now. I used Revit before. The lights were in-built with models. I thought sketchup was same.

You can open one of the light fixture components and add a V-ray light source inside. This will add the light to all similar components.