Extension Warehouse: youtube refused to connect

hmm… someone else seeing this? The link that video points to is correct though :thinking:

Nope, but I am seeing this


seems there is an issue then… I also see the unhappy file icon when navigating to your page.

Ah, same issue, different browser I guess. I’m using Firefox. You Chrome?


lol. added the 3 dots because posts must have a minimal length of 5 characters. Might as well remove them now, but then this sentence would not make any sense anymore.

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Been there, done that.

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With Chrome I have no problem scrolling through the thumbnails images. Just the last (a video I suppose) gives the unhappy face and “youtube refused to connect” message.

I imagine this is a youtube content usage issue. Perhaps there is another content server site that is better for use with EW2? Reddit, Vimeo, some other?

We have no options for other video resources than YouTube, on our extension’s page

Is this limitation imposed by Trimble ?

Using YouTube is a limitation imposed by Trimble. Why certain videos don’t work while others do, I don’t know. Might be some embed option for the video author within YouTube. The only vide I’ve failed to include is Aaron’s video.