EXtension Manager updates with old version

I removed my extension from EW to put in on Sketchucation two months ago. But EM still tell all my users to update to an old version. !!! My EW store is empty. This is crazy. PLEASE HELP.
I have sent emails, had to wait for weeks to get an answers and No results. I am getting nuts. Never had any trouble with SU before but this is really getting me down.

When you remove an extensions, your users would still keep their version installed (SketchUp probably doesn’t uninstall them).
When you say “to update to an older version”, which version is it? The last version that was in EWH or then one before the last? I would expect by deleting an extension (entry), all its releases should be also deleted from EWH, not just the last release. But since it is rather a rare case that someone removes an extension it’s not impossible that there is something misbehaving in EWH.

It is still available to users who have already installed it.
Reread the EW Terms of Service (Developers agreement.)

This is a bug which has already been reported.

Does your new packages on SketchUcation still have the "extension_info.txt" file with them ?

For new users yes it looks this way.

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Ha, ha Dan, I will check that info.txt file.

Problem solved !!!
At last.
Only drawback is it lost it’s icon in EM.

The icon is served from the web EW server.

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