Extend the width of the image when rendering in Vray

Hi! Does anybody know how to solve the problem? Let’s take an example. I’ve got a real photo of some object, photo’s size is 2996x2000 pixels. Now I’d like to add to the photo some rendered objects. The problem is that the real object has been captured by the real camera too close and I’d like to extend the width of the rendered canvas saving its perspective matching.
Please, look my screenshots.

Vray render crops the rested and needed sides of the matched image.

So how to avoid it?
camera width.skp (1.0 MB)

I’d recommend adjusting your SketchUp model window to match the wider dimensions / proportion you want. Here I added your wider view as a Watermark in the Styles panel to make sure everything lined up and matched correctly as I resized the viewport:

Then in your VRAY settings, choose ‘Match Viewport’ for aspect ratio under ‘Render Output’ *obviously increase pixels as desired.

Here is quick test render showing wider camera with your original camera match scene preserved.

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Thank you. I just thought about to change SU window but haven’t tried yet. And now you have shown it works. So as I understand this is the only thing could be done to do the task, no other solutions?

There are usually more than one way to do things in SketchUP. This is just my lazy way that has worked for me in the past. Maybe someone else will chime in. Also, you can try posting in Chaos Group’s forum as you may find more people with more VRAY knowledge than myself.

yes, I posted it in chaosgroup forum too. Now just afraid of changing SU viewport window will affect on my early created projects with matced photoes (see my previous topic about it).Changing toolbars workspace area changes vray camera?
But now checked changing toolbars and everything is fine. Of course it changes the width but saves matched camera parametres. Maybe SU or ChaosGroup team have fixed something.

You could also add a camera with the advanced camera tools and rotate it 90 degrees. Then you can increase the height (which would be your width) as much as you want.

Could you show an example please?

On a Mac, the SketchUp window isn’t fixed to the monitor, and so can be any size/aspect at anytime. Matchphoto seems to adapt on the fly so whichever dimension is the limiting one will fill the window, and all of the background photo fits on screen.

Too wide:

Too tall:

I don’t know V-Ray, but for plain SU output, all you need is the one limiting dimension. For example on the too-wide window, set the vertical size to 2000 pixels to match your photo resolution and let SU calculate the other dimension. The result also always centers the photo in overall output. Then in Photoshop, when copying one file (tab) to the other, hold down shift and it centers the imported image on the existing image.

01 02 03

Because your camera is already -0.4 degrees rotated I added 90 and ended with 89.6

I see -0.4 deg has already been rotated in my cam and a fact I need to do it like in your screenshot I understand. But even though in my case the problem with render area cropping still exists.

Got it! Just needed to custom aspect ratio value.

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@But probably the best way is to scale SU window to my second monitor and in this case I do not need to do any camera manipulations :grinning:

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