Exporting to Trainz

I am using Sketchup 2017 free and Trainz 2010. I have created a model for Trainz - a station - and I have used Ruby TMiX to export the model to Trainz. The export appears to work and I am able to view the exported model in the Trainz mesh viewer. All of the files produced by Ruby TMiX appear to be present. I am able to import these files into Trainz Content manager and the model appears there without any errors, but when I launch Trainz the model does not appear in Surveyor. I assume that the configuration file is correct, but I am not sure what should be there - it is attached below. It has a high poly count. Could this stop Trainz using it?

kuid kuid2:159343:1:21012
description “Another model created in Google SketchUp and exported to Trainz with RubyTMIX. The effective system load of this asset is 38827 polygons (38527 from geometry, 300 from textures).”
username “Aberystwyth station building-plus canopy”
trainz-build 2.9
kind “scenery”
category-class “BR”
category-era “1980s”
category-region “UK”
author “Eddie Price”
organisation “”
contact-email “eddieprice197@gmail.com
contact-website “”
license “”

mesh “aberystwyth_station_building_plus_canopy.im”
auto-create 1
light 1

image “thumbnail.jpg”
width 240
height 180

Which version are you actually using? There is no SketchUp 2017 Free (Web) version as your profile indicates. Are you using SketchUp 2017 Make?

What you’ve attached isn’t very useful for helping you with your question.

Yes I am using Sketchup 2017 Make. regarding the information sent, I saw a tutorial which suggested that the config file was important, but the tutorial did not involve Ruby TMiX, which presumably produces the correct config file.
I don’t know wether the SU file is of any help. This is actually the canopy.

Aberystwyth station building-plus canopy.skp (7.2 MB)

I moved your question to the Extensionsp category. It would be helpful if you correct your profile.

Probably you need to have someone who uses the Trainz simulator and is familiar with importing files into it look at your files. The fact that your file can be viewed in the Trainz mesh viewer seems to indicate the output with Ruby TMiX is adequate so what’s wrong on the Trainz end? Do they have a forum where you can ask?

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