Exporting to Trainz via TMIX

I have recently begun to export models of my town to the Trainz simulation game using the TMIX Ruby script. I have successfully exported a dozen or so models, but there are a handful that will not successfully export. I get this message when attempting: Parse error file:, line 1: expected float, found ‘NaN’. If anyone here has any ideas for a solution I would be grateful. I have commuicated with the author of TMIX but have not yet received any feedback. When I inquired on the Trainz forum I got several reprimands about using high poly Sketchup files in Trainz. Thanks for any suggestions in layman’s terminology please.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says 2018 Make (desktop) which has never existed.

It could be that your models are too high poly or it could be something else. Share one of your models that give you the error message so we can see what you’re working with.

Have you tried contacting the extension’s author?

Sorry, my Sketchup version is 2017 Make. I have successfully exported several high poly models. Some of the models that I get the error on are low poly. I have contacted the author but received only a brief reply. No word after sending him a file to review.

Maybe if you share a .skp file with us so we can see it, we can give you some advice.

Please correct your forum profile.

Will do. How do I share a file on here?

Assuming the file size isn’t too large, drag the .skp file into your reply.

wow building.skp (5.4 MB)

You might try deleting the location terrain so you are only exporting the building model.

The model I attempted to export did have the terrain deleted. I mistakenly clicked on the wrong one to send to you.

Did it have both the flat version and the 3D version deleted?

wow building.skp (5.4 MB)
I think so?

Doesn’t look like it to me.

I see what you mean, but I do not see that on my screen. How do I delete that?

Turn on its layer. And like any imported Geo-location it will be locked. Right click on it to unlock it and then delete it.

Thanks, I will try that.

You’re welcome.

Don’t forget to correct your profile info as that information is useful when trying to help you.

wow building.skp (3.6 MB)
I think I deleted the terrain layer and again attempted to export via TMIX, but got the same failure response.

I’ve been looking at the user manual for TMIX and I see this a reference to axis orientation. I notice that you’ve re-oriented the axes. Maybe resetting those will make it work?

Thanks Dave, I appreciate your patience with me. I will explore that angle. Thanks again.

Here is the result after resetting the axis: