Exporting STL file from SketchUp for Schools

Is there any way for students to export an STL file for 3D printing from SketchUp for Schools. On my PC I am able to export the file so that we are able to print but my students have Chromebooks and although the program works great for designing I can’t figure out how to export there work for the student to print.

Thanks for any ideas.

Your menu doesn’t look like this?
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Yes it does. I am unable to open the file in SketchUp Pro 2017. It wants the 2018 version. Working on getting an updated license.

Thanks for the quick response.

Hmm, I was able to open .SKP files created in SUfSchools into SU Pro 2017. If that changed, it wasn’t a problem a month ago.

Also, with that menu, you can output an .STL file straight from SUfS. That way you could go right to 3D printing without having to bring it into SU Pro.

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You should be able to open the .skp file downloaded from SketchUp for Schools in SketchUp 2017. If you are still having trouble can you please post a screenshot of the error message you are receiving, or even better, a video capture of the download from S4S to opening in SketchUp 2017?


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