Exporting Measurements and Annotations with Simlab 3D PDF

I’m currently using SketchUp Pro 2018 with SimLab PDF Exporter v7.0.2 trial. I have a lot of measurements on my model that i’m trying to export to the PDF but when I export they are not appearing on my model in the PDF file. I’ve gone through the setting and I do have the box checked to export measurements and annotations but they aren’t exporting. Am i missing something or does this not work?

You should probably talk to the SimLab folks directly and get the answer from them.


On Mac, you have native PDF-support:

For 3D PDFs?

That’s for 2D

It may be that the exporter won’t export dimensions, labels or screen text since they aren’t geometry. Contacting SimLab’s customer support will likely get you the exact answer.

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‘For what its worth’ (2D is less then 3D😃)

recent version for macOS is 8.0.2.

SimLab Forums

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