Exporting circles in DXF format


I am exporting a section slice as a DXF from SketchUp Pro and importing into V-Carve (cnc tool path software) When importing DXF or DWG files from other software, such as Vectorworks or AutoCad, V-Carve recognizes circles and allows me to change the radius. From SketchUp, circles can be imported, but are simply shapes. Can I make them be imported as circles that are recognized as circles by other software?


I think you will find the answer in this discussion.


SketchUp circles and arcs, when exported to DWG or DXF via the File menu>Export>3D Model… function will translate into circles and arcs in AutoCad. 2D image exports break everything into segments.

All 3D face objects in SketchUp are polygonal, so a section slice through a “cylinder” made by push-pulling a “circular” face will always be polygonal and the application will not recognize it as a circle.



Thanks Anssi,
V-Carve, my tool path software is importing my SketchUp exports as correctly formed circles, but when importing from other programs, I have been able to select the circle, then click on the circle tool in V-Carve (My 2D CNC tool path software) and edit. With SketchUp, I can select the lines that form the circle and joint them, but select and edit in the circle tool the way I can with files from other software. I have figured out some work-arounds(Finding the center, redrawing the circle, deleting the old) Trying to figure out of this is a just a small limitation or something I can change. The circles imported as 3d models behaved the same way.


The linked discussion doesn’t help?