Exporter dlls redistributable?


Hello there,

a question: Are the .DLL files placed in the Exporters-Directory of a SketchUp installation redistributable?
I consider implementing a command line .SKP file converter, which could be used to for exampüle convert a Sketchup file to FBX in an automated process.
For this I would call into the conversion functions of the Exporters directly, without having a running Sketch Up process. A proof of concept shows that it works, but I of course want to check if thats ok by license terms.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I understand. Should have checked that myself.

But using the exporter dlls on a machine that has SketchUp installed via dynamic binding/linking as part of the SketchUp C API is ok, right?

Thanks for the feedback and have a nice day.



users of a forum typically cannot provide a binding statement concerning the license agreement of a software. As always, contact the licensor for legal issues.


The SDK has a separate license agreement than the SketchUp application.

The exporter DLLs may also be 3rd party, and subject to their OWN license agreements.
In SketchUp, open the WIndow > Help menu, and choose “About”.
Click the link for “Open Source Credits”.
The libraries are listed, with links to homepages and license.


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