Export views from sketchup

Hello, the height of orthographic camera I got from SUCameraGetOrthographicFrustumHeight() seems much smaller than the real one.

This is the original view in SketchUp(model unit:mm). The height is about 600000mm.

This is the view I restored in my own rendering engine using the camera parameters from SUCameraRef of the scene. The height I got is 23651.724698546866.

This is the parameters I got.

Is there anything else I need to do? Thank you.

seems related to units maybe?
600000 mm = about 23600 inches

Agreed. All SketchUp API model dimensions and vertex coordinates are in inches.

You are not the first to think that the entire world uses metric system values.
This is why I reported the following documentation issue in NOV of 2020.

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OK, thank you for your reply.

Almost the entire world does.